HIPPOPOTAMUS: The King of Lacks and Rivers

Hippopotamus is unquestionablely the most spectacular spice of Virunga aquatic environment. It eat grass and avoid pastures with high vegetation. it consum on average 30kg of short herb each night when it leave Water for go to grass in the neighbour savane. After changing into the body this quantity of herbs is free underform of rubbish in the water where little organismes feeded. To their turn this organisme are eaten by fishs. Here we notice that herbs in passing by Hippopotamus favour productivity: It is mean 30kgs of herbs consum by 30000Hippopotamus changing each day in 900 tonnes of natural Fertilizer for the lack and its fishs. The last enrolment of August2005 show that the number of Hippopotamus has considerably drop from 29000 to less of 1000 individual; Due to uncceptable poach on hippopotamus. The water and rivers are in lack of Natural Fertilizer and fish don't grow up again, and threaten thus seriously fisherman survival. Among others causes of Fish rarety; We can quote the increase of illegale peach area and number of fisherman who fish rare because of fishing everytime and fishs don't have enough time to grow and reproduced. This rarety rise the prise of fish at market. What can we do for increase peach profit? To you, to him to I to take good option at protection of Hippopotamus and his inhabitant; to say NO to Hippopotamus meat trade. In protecting hippopotamus we increase fish production. So, let help APN to educate population i n view to saveguard our Nature and allow local community to benefit to this World heritage for a long time.

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