The efficient Protection and Conservation of Natural Resources pass by fight against Poverty,
For Populations invade Conservation Areas in view to avoid Hunger and various difficulty and opt to settle around and in Conservation Area where they devote themself to Hunting, deforestation, even to Illegal Peach,
Those cases are frequent in Virunga National park and are practised in Damp ground, fish reproduction place (with equipment such as Beach senne,...) or in deep waters (with  fillet to little stich), or more all along Berges (tam-Tam).

We have to notice too that multiplication Pirate Fisherman village in Edouard Lake and especially at its west Coast have allowed installation of  clandestin fisherman as ta Kamandi village, Talya, Lunyasenge, musenda, Kisaka and Muramba.
Those site has been created by different actors for their individual interest.
This activity weigh down on fish reproduction with reduction of production and of peach profitability as direct consequence.

These examples show us how Conservation Areas and thir species are in danger when population push by hunger invade it.
To evacuate theses populations could be a good Measure but not an efficient.

so, It`s for Us: Friends of Nature, Goverments of world, Funds leasers and to International Community to initiate Development Projects in neighbour background of Conservation Areas all over the World.

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